I've already signed up, what happens next?

Thanks for signing up for a contest — we're so glad you've joined us!

For a full overview of what happens before, during, and after your contest, please see our handy contest overview PDF

Here's what you can expect in the coming weeks:

Before the Contest

First off, you'll receive an invoice for your purchase and a confirmation email with the details of your submission. 

If you are new to BookSweeps, you'll also receive login information to set up your BookSweeps author dashboard, where you can view your purchase history.

If you notice anything incorrect about your submission, or if you need to change anything about your book (new cover, etc.), please  contact us through this form and we'll get it corrected. 

About 5 days before the contest opens, we'll email you with your contest materials — links to share, general and personalized contest graphics featuring your book cover, and contest language to use in your newsletter and social media campaigns. 

The links will not be live yet, but you can set up newsletters to notify your readers about the contest in advance.

During the Contest

The day the contest opens, we'll send you a reminder email that it's live. 

At this point, we recommend you check the contest page to make sure everything is correct for your submission, and  contact us if any changes need to be made.

Now that the contest is live, you can share like crazy to your readers, fans, newsletter, and social media!

We'll also send you a reminder email a few days later to share, and one the day the contest closes. 

After the Contest

After the contest ends, we select winners and notify them. Then, we pass that information back to you about 10 days after the contest closes. Please send the two contest winners your book — either ebook or physical copy is fine. 

If you participated in a multi-author list-building giveaway, you'll also get a spreadsheet of your new subscribers at this time, along with tips on how to welcome them, and handy instructions on how to upload your new list to your email provider.

If you participated in a BookBub follower promotion, you can log into BookBub and check your follower count.

And that's it! Enjoy building a new fan base!

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