How do I share the contest with my fans?

Our multi-author giveaways work best when all of the participating authors share the love! By notifying your current readers of the contest, you help increase the number of readers who enter and share –– and the likelihood that new readers will find you.

When you participate in one of our giveaways, you will receive the following promotional materials:

  • Contest page links
  • Personalized contest graphics 
  • Language templates for sharing via Facebook, Twitter, and your newsletter
  • A handy PDF overview to consult about the entire contest process

Here are our top 5 contest tips for sharing:

  1. Share the contest with your newsletter audience - If you can only do one thing, sharing the contest via your newsletter will generate the most entries in the shortest amount of time. 
  2. Tell your friends about the contest - Just because they aren't participating doesn't mean their readers won't be interested. You can also invite your publisher to share it across their official social media accounts (if you have one). Just send them a brief email with the contest link. 
  3. Share the contest on all of your social media pages and groups - Share across your social media networks to connect with readers wherever they are. 
  4. Share the contest more than once - Your social media posts aren't seen by all of your readers, so it's a good idea share the contest more than once: once at the beginning and once at the end of the contest. 
  5. Pin your posts - If you have a Facebook author page, or a Twitter profile, you can pin your post to the top so that it doesn't get buried under new posts for the duration of the contest.

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