Introducing: Freebies

Your Freebie is your free reader magnet which readers can download once they've signed up to your newsletter list. 

Once logged in, you can create a beautiful landing page for your Freebie, which readers can then find on our filterable Freebie Directory

On your Freebie page, you can:

  • Feature your reader magnet/excerpt/or exclusive content
  • Encourage readers to signup for your newsletter list
  • Add a genre, subgenre, tropes and more to increase your discoverability
  • Drive readers to your paid content
  • With more to come!

So what goes into our Freebie pages?

Anatomy of a Freebie Page

  1. Cover: Your Freebie image / book cover
  2. Title: Freebie title (you can note here if it's a sample or excerpt)
  3. Details: Readers can learn more about your Freebie and leave a review
  4. Description: Use this space to leave a description of your Freebie and a tagline
  5. Download: Readers can click this link to enter their email and download your book from your website, BookFunnel, Prolificworks, etc.
  6. Favorite: Readers can use this option to bookmark your Freebie and access it easily from their account.
  7. Additional Details: Information including the series title, genre, and maturity level of your Freebie. 
  8. Testimonial: This testimonials is completely customizable by you; you can include an Amazon review and other praise for your work. 
  9. Read Next: Our Read Next feature allows readers to move seamlessly from your free content to your paid books. 
  10. Like: Readers can upvote on your Freebie.

Freebie Directory

Once you've uploaded your Freebie, readers will be able to access it from our filterable Freebie Directory. 

Here, readers can search for Freebies using genres, subgenres, tropes, and more. The categories you've picked will determine how your Freebie populates in our Directory. 

Curious? Read more about how to create your Freebie in our related articles.

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