How do I add a Reader Magnet?

Please note: in order to add your first Reader Magnet, you must first set up your Pen Name page. Click here to learn how to Add Your Pen Name.

Registered users can add a Reader Magnet to our filterable directory and grow newsletter subscribers. 

First, login and visit your Dashboard

From here, you can click "Add New" to add your first Reader Magnet.

You'll then be redirected to the following form to add your Reader Magnet:

(Note: the following screenshots are from a Premium account, which includes multiple reader magnets. If you have a free account, you'll have access to upload one Reader Magnet. You can click here to upgrade your account for more Reader Magnets.)

First connect your Pen Name. You can do so by clicking your Pen Name on the lefthand side. 

You'll see your Pen Name appear on the right side, which means that it is activated. 

You can then fill out the following form:

Your Free Book Link should link to a link that collects readers email addresses, such as BookFunnel or ProlificWorks. Click here to learn more about finding your email-collection link.

When adding a Primary Genre, you can either pick from the dropdown list, or start typing your genre in the field below:

When selecting your Subgenre, you can find your Primary Genre in the field below:

Then scroll down and check only the subgenre that applies, not the primary genre.

Note: We recommend including only up to two subgenres. 

You can add additional details below, or click "Submit" once you have finished the form.

Congratulations, your Reader Magnet is now up and running on our Freebie Directory! 🎉

You should be re-directed to the following success message: 

You should also notice the new Reader Magnets tab has appeared on your Dashboard sidebar. You can now access your new Reader Magnet at any time by clicking "Reader Magnets."

You can click "Edit Post" at any time to Edit your Reader Magnet. 

Your Reader Magnet will now have its own landing page, which you can share with your readers:

As well, your Reader Magnet will now be listed on our Freebie Directory. 

Readers can use the Filters or the Search Bar to find your Reader Magnet, depending on the conditions you'd set. 

Click here to add your Freebie to BookSweeps and unlock the power of new subscribers.

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