Author Email Spotlight FAQ

Here are some common questions authors ask about our Author Email Spotlight list-building service. 

Our rates for this service vary by genre. You can view the Author Email Spotlight rates herelearn more about the service here, and view an example of the service here

Q: Is being a past or current participant in BookSweeps promos a requirement? 

A: This spotlight feature is open to all authors, regardless if you have participated in a promotion with us in the past. You will need to create an account on BookSweeps, however, to submit a book for this service.

Q: How will I know if I am selected for a spotlight? 

A: If your book is selected, we will notify you at the email address you submitted at sign-up, the week prior to your feature. 

Q: When is payment due? 

A: Payment is due within 48 hours of your acceptance email, or your spot is passed to another author.

Q: What do you showcase in the spotlight? 

A: The email will feature your book cover, your Amazon star ratings and number of reviews, a description of your book, and a link to download your free ebook or excerpt in exchange for joining your email list.

Q: When do you send out this newsletter? 

A: The Author Email Spotlight goes out to all our BookSweeps current subscribers on Monday. On Friday the same week, we’ll resend the email to everyone who didn’t open it the first time.

Q: How many subscribers does BookSweeps have? 

A: We are currently at over 110K!

Q: How many authors will be included in the email alongside me? 

A: Depending on the date, your book will be featured with up to 5 other authors, generally in different genres.

Q: Do you accept all genres? 

A: Yes! All are welcome.

Q: Does my book have to be published? 

A: Nope. Even if it's not available via retailers, you're still welcome to submit it. Just remember: whatever you submit, it will need to be available as a freebie to all readers who join your newsletter. Please don't submit a book you cannot freely give away.

Q: Do you accept indie authors? 

A: Yes, we accept all authors — indie, traditional, or hybrids.

Q: Can I submit my book if it's enrolled in KDP Select? 

A: Amazon’s Terms of Service allows you to use the “excerpt” option to provide a sample of up to 10% of your book. Alternately, you can provide a sign-up link to your own email collection page. (You would then need to set up an automated welcome email containing a link to your book on Amazon, using 5 of your KDP Select free days to cover the Monday – Friday sends.)

Q: What's the best way to provide a sign-up link for the spotlight? 

A: We recommend BookFunnel or Prolific Works as simple ways to provide your sign-up link. For BookFunnel, you'll need to set up a Giveaway Page to collect emails, and for Prolific Works, you'll need to set up a Giveaway Page with mandatory opt-in.

Q: Do I have to use a service such as BookFunnel or Prolific Works to gather subscribers? 

A: Nope. You're welcome to submit a direct link to a landing page for your newsletter or a publisher's link.

Q: Does it matter how many current subscribers I have? 

A: Not at all. That's the purpose of this service, to grow your newsletter! You can have thousands of subscribers already or just be starting out.

Q: Am I allowed to submit a short story? 

A: Yes. We accept excerpts, short stories, novellas, and full-length books.

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