How to deliver your KDP Select book as an Amazon gift

Authors who are enrolled in KDP Select can gift their book to the two BookSweeps contest winners via Amazon's standard gifting process. 

View Amazon's book gifting process here.

Though it does cost you the price of the book you are gifting, this practice allows authors who are in KDP Select to participate in our promotions without violating Amazon's terms of service.

How to send your KDP Select book to a winner as an Amazon gift

  1. To send your book to a winner as a gift, go to your Amazon book page
  2. Over to the right in the purchase area, click "Give as Gift"
  3. Sign in to Amazon and set your gift details, sending the book to the winner's email address, then hit "Place Your Order"
  4. Your book will be emailed to the winner, and the charge for the book will go on your card

Note: Books enrolled in Amazon's KDP Select program are ineligible for BookSweeps Reader Magnet promotions, as these use a BookFunnel or Instafreebie link to add subscribers to a mailing list via a free book download, which violates the KDP Select terms of service.

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