How to Use the Author Dashboard

Your Author Dashboard is your hub for quick links, and a place where you can access all your tools with ease. 

You can get to your dashboard at any time on the site by logging in

You can also use this link to access your Dashboard:

Navigating Your Dashboard

Your navigation bar is your quick way to easily access the following:

  • Pen Names
  • Sweeps
  • Reader Magnets
  • Purchases
  • Promo Materials
  • Join a Promo
  • Account
  • Help

First Time Using Your Dashboard

The first time you see your Dashboard, it will look like this:

You can unlock your Freebie and Sweep features by adding your first Pen Name.

Click "Start Here" to add your first Pen Name.

Click here to learn more about creating your first Pen Name.

Navigating Your Pen Names, Sweeps & Reader Magnets 

Once you have successfully added your first Pen Name, you will see the Sweeps and Reader Magnets features unlock. You can now add your own Sweeps and/or Reader Magnet. Once you add more features, you will see them appear on the sidebar for easy access. 

Clicking on each feature will allow you to View/Edit your Pen Name, Sweep, or Reader Magnet. 

Your Promos & Purchases

You can also access all of your list-building and BookBub Follower promos from your Dashboard. 

Click on Purchases to view all your past purchases on BookSweeps. (Click here to learn more about your Purchases)

Click on Promo Materials to view the contest link, graphics, promo language and share links for the promos you have entered. (Click here to learn more about promo materials)

Please note: your promo materials will not be available until 5 days prior to the start of your promotion. 

Click on Join a Promo to join any of our proven list-building and BookBub Follower promos. (Click here to learn more about joining a promo)

Your Account

Finally, you can access your Account from your Dashboard. (Click here to learn more about navigating your account)

If you have any trouble, you can also contact us directly from the Help button on your Dashboard. 

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