Introducing: Pen Name Pages

Your Pen Name page is your destination for readers to learn all about you, as well as keep up-to-date with your BookSweeps activity. 

Readers can find your Pen Name page with our filterable Discover directory

On your Pen Name page, readers can:

  • Favorite your profile
  • Read your bio
  • Follow you on social media
  • Download your freebie
  • And more to come!

So what goes into our Pen Name pages?

Anatomy of a Pen Name Page

  1. Image: Your picture
  2. Pen Name: The name you write under
  3. Details: Information including the genre and subgenres you write in, your accolades, and your maturity level.
  4. Description: Use this space to write a description of yourself and your books.
  5. Freebie Link: Readers can click this link to access your Freebie page and download your book from your website, BookFunnel, Prolificworks, etc.
  6. Social Media Links: Readers can click these links to follow you on platforms including Amazon, BookBub, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and more, as well as find your website.
  7. Like: Readers can upvote on your profile.

Author Directory

Once you've set up your pen name, readers will be able to find you from our filterable Author Directory. 

Here, readers can search for Pen Name Pages using genres, subgenres, tropes, and more. The categories you've picked will determine how your Pen Name populates in our Directory. 

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