How do I use the Sweeps filters?

You can find your next book giveaway by using the filters to navigate. 

On the top bar, you can navigate with the following main filter:

  • Start / End Date: Use this to find which giveaways are open and which are ending soon!

On the side bar, you can navigate with the following additional filters:

  • Author: Search through all the authors on our site to see which giveaways they’re participating in. 
  • Genre: Use this to filter through our main genres (romance, inspirational fiction, etc.). 
  • Subgenres: Once you’ve picked a main genre, you can filter for specific subgenres (romantic comedy, women sleuth mysteries, etc.).
  • Maturity Rating: You can use these ratings to filter through books with different maturity levels. Our ratings are defined below: 
    • G: Appropriate for all audiences. 
    • PG-13: May include mild language or violence.
    • R: May include language, sexual content, or violence. 
    • M: May include explicit sexual content or gratuitous violence. 
  • Prize Value: Looking to get the most bang for your signup? Filter out giveaways by the value of the prize here. 
  • Giveaway Host: Find giveaways from your favorite hosts, like BookSweeps and more. 
  • Social Media: You can use this filter to include certain social media requirements, such as giveaways that require you to have an account on Facebook or Twitter to join. 
  • Author Count: Filter by how many authors are in a sweepstakes. 
  • Prize Type: Filter through different prizes offered by each giveaway. Prizes include eReaders, bundles of books, and more!
  • Entry Prize: Everyone’s a winner here! If you’d like to join a giveaway that offers a prize simply for signing up, check this box. 
  • International Eligibility: Find out if you’re eligible to enter by selecting your location here. 

You can clear your current filters by hitting “reset” at the bottom of the filter list. 

You can also use the “search” bar to look for any filters, titles, authors, and keywords. 

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