How do I use the Freebie filters?

You can find your next free read by using the filters to navigate. 

On the top bar, you can navigate with the following main filters:

  • Book Type:
    • Full Length: novel-length content.
    • Novella: short stories, novellas, and short books. 
    • Excerpts: exclusive peeks into content from bestselling and debut authors!
  • Freebie Format:
    • ePub: Can be read on Nook, Apple Books, Android, Adobe Digital Edition, and more.
    • Mobi: Can be read on Kindles and more.   
    • PDF: Can be read on Macs, PCs, and more. 

On the side bar, you can navigate with the following additional filters:

  • Author: Search through all the authors on our site.

  • Genre: Use this to filter through our main genres (romance, inspirational fiction, etc.).

  • Subgenres: Once you’ve picked a main genre, you can filter for specific subgenres (romantic comedy, women sleuth mysteries, etc.).

  • Tropes: Filter with our popular tropes/themes. Tropes include recurring and popular themes that play out in your favorite books (friends-to-lovers, coming of age, etc.)

  • Characters: Find your favorite kinds of characters by using this filter. You can search by creatures (vampires, witches, etc.), occupations (firefighter, cop, etc.), or even types (strong heroines, widow/widower, etc.)

  • Settings: Read about books that take place in your favorite places by sorting through the location filter.

  • Maturity Rating: You can use these ratings to filter through books with different maturity levels. Our ratings are defined below: 
    • G: Appropriate for all audiences. 
    • PG-13: May include mild language or violence.
    • R: May include language, sexual content, or violence. 
    • M: May include explicit sexual content or gratuitous violence. 
  • Bookmarked: You can use this to filter by how many times a book has been bookmarked by other readers. 
  • Platform: Filter by your preferred way of downloading freebies (BookFunnel, ProlificWorks, Story Origin, etc.).

  • Pages: Filter books by the number of pages here. 

You can clear your current filters by hitting “reset” at the bottom of the filter list. 

You can also use the search bar to look for any filters, titles, authors, and keywords. 

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