My mailing program won't accept my subscriber list, what now?

How to contact support about GDPR compliance

If your mailing program (Mailchimp, Abwer, etc.) won't accept your import or gives you an warning message, this sometimes means that they need evidence to prove that the subscribers are GDPR compliant.

We've got you covered! Include the following in your response to support:

1. The contest link. 

2. The GDPR Toolkit provided (these include screenshots of the giveaway page).

3. An explanation of the contest's opt-in process, such as: "I participated in BookSweeps' GIVEAWAY NAME HERE giveaway. Readers' emails are NOT shared with every author participating in the giveaway. It's a double otp-in process: subscribers must click a button by my name to be added to my list, or they can click the "All" button, which adds a checkmark by every author's name. At that point, readers are still free to uncheck anyone, and then they still must check another box confirming they understand they'll receive emails from those they marked off."

If you're still having trouble or need help finding links specific to your contest, email us at [email protected].

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