I'm having trouble downloading a free book from Amazon.

1. Have you registered an account on Amazon? 

In order to download a book—even a free one—on Amazon, you'll need to create an Amazon account.  Click here to create your new Amazon account. Once you've registered with Amazon, you'll be able to download your free book to your Amazon library. It can then be read on your Kindle device or via the Kindle desktop app (which is free).

2. Is the freebie valid in your country?

At BookSweeps, we try to make our books equally accessible to everyone around the world. Unfortunately, Amazon will sometimes price a single item differently depending on country. A book that is free on Amazon.com, for example, might not be free on Amazon.co. If the book isn't free, don't fret, we have plenty of other books to chose from on our  Free Books section!

3. Still having trouble?

Unfortunately, BookSweeps is unable to offer direct customer support for Amazon. Reach out to Amazon's customer support center here.

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