Multi-Author List-Building Promotion FAQ

Here are some common questions authors ask about our multi-author list-building promotions. You can view our current schedule of list-building promotions here.

Q: What are list-builders?

Join our list-building promotions to grow your newsletter subscribers. These are GDPR compliant, fun, and inexpensive ways to reach new readers in your genre. 

Q: How many reader emails should I expect from a list-building promotion?

A: While the numbers vary by contest, our current normal range is approximately 300 – 600 emails per author, with reported open rates of more than 50%.

Q: Why is this better than other list-building book giveaways or multi-author cross-promotions?

A: Here are a few reasons:

  1. Our promotions are hyper-targeted to readers in your niche.
  2. We aim to provide prizes only readers in your audience would want (e.g. books in your genre or sub-genre) — not gift cards or money.
  3. We don’t force readers to join author newsletters in order to participate. We invite them. They like that!
  4. We utilize a time-proven methodology for separating participants who are actually interested in the authors from those who just want to win a prize.
  5. We provide you with the tips and materials you need to make the promotion a success.
  6. Our customer support will rock your socks off.

Q: Can I participate if I don't currently have a newsletter?

A: Absolutely! Everyone has to start somewhere!  Contact us via the form here, let us know how you interact with your readers, and we’ll get back to you asap.

Q: Will this directly increase my sales?

A: While we cannot guarantee sales, some authors have reported a direct increase in sales. The primary goal of the promotion is to help authors grow their email lists and build a fanbase of engaged readers to whom they can send offers in the future.

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