How do I download a Freebie?

You can access freebies from bestselling and up and coming authors by clicking on the “Freebie” section on your navigation bar.  

From here, you can scroll through all of our freebies, discover freebies with our search bar, or use our extensive filtering system to find the right freebie for you (click here to learn more about using our filters). 

Once you see a freebie you like, click the book cover to view more. Here, you can read the description and access reviews and other content about the freebie. 

When you’re ready to start reading, you can download the freebie by clicking “Download” on the top right corner. 

You will then either be sent to the freebie page or see a popup where you can enter your email address. Once you’ve entered your email address, your freebie will be sent to your inbox. Like magic!

Having trouble accessing your freebie? You can click here for further assistance.

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